Uptime and reliability

We operate our own custom-built datacenters. Our datacenters feature everything necessary to ensure reliable uptime and security. Our network is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Datacenter features

  • Carrier neutral and centrally located
  • Multiple fiber optics introductions from the outside world
  • Fiber rings, Ethernet based Metropolitan Access and DSL networks
  • Dedicated main power line entrance and earthing
  • UPS and standby diesel generator
  • Climate control
  • Access control and remote camera surveillance
  • Fire and intrusion security systems
  • 24h building permanence
  • Structured cabling system for easy reconfiguration
  • Geographically diversified data centers to provide mirror sites
  • Disaster recovery system

Multi-homed backbone benefits

We maintain a highly scalable multi-homed network that uses multiple optical fibers and satellite connections to the internet backbone. Being multi-homed ensures maximum uptime as it is virtually impossible that all the networks go down at once.

  • High network reliability with route diversity and redundancy
  • Redundancy both at IP and physical transmission level
  • Carrier independence while connected to all major networks
  • Optimal route selection for improved packet speed
  • Automatic route failover in the event of outages
  • Fast access to and from more networks around the world
  • Strong peering interconnectivity
  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth with the fibers in place

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